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Changing the way Prom Committees hire for their big night!

As we all know, Proms are a big thing across the USA and Canada. Each year graduating students (and then some) spend time & energy getting ready for their big night. Indeed, there’s a lot of pressure on each school’s Prom Committee to “get it right” so that their student peers have the kind of night they’re expecting.

Unfortunately, the Prom-hiring process is not as robust as it is for Weddings, in that there’s a real lack of Directories, Trade Shows, Direct Contact Lists, etc. To this day, Vendors wanting to sell to Prom Committees are limited to old-school marketing methods such as mailers to the schools, phone calls, word-of-mouth, etc. In this day and age, that sort of marketing just isn’t enough. is the world’s first online directory to connect businesses seeking contracts from Prom Committees for these very special events. Create your free listing within the site and reap multiple benefits, including but not limited to exposure for all the Prom Committees in your metropolitan area and a highly relevant backlink for your SEO. has a robust marketing plan to target the 40,000 prom-eligible high schools across the USA and Canada, all to benefit the vendors that are on the site.

Our goal is simple, to change the way the Prom hiring process works, and make it better for both sides. We hope you’ll join us along the way.

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